Coastal Wildlife

Coastal Wildlife

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This section will contain the flying, swimming, walking, crawling creatures found at the Jersey Shore ( not the kind you may be thinking of). This will feature our own renditions of birds, fish, crustaceans and the like found here at the beach. Stay tuned! 


    These pieces consists of 100% reclaimed wood from various sources from our state but mainly from a local airport. Each one is handcrafted and unlike any other. Each piece is lightly sealed to help prevent fading. We suggest you handle any of our work with care to help maintain its appearance. 


    All our work is guaranteed for as long as you own it. Simply return it and we will repair it even if you set it on fire, we will just require a good story to go with it. If for any reason you're unhappy with one of our pieces in the first 30 days or so simply return it and we will grant you a full refund. Any shipping is on you unless we can meet locally. 


     Local delivery is available and if it's coastal is very possible (we love the beach, that's why we live here). We ship anywhere in the world that someone delivers to. Shipping and handling will be figured in with your order.